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AC on Battery

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So I'm at the dealer today in the hope they will update the backfire issue. The SA said it takes a long time (to hook the thing to a computer and walk away???). Anyway, I drained the battery so if they had to go for a joy ride they could experience the issue quickly. I got to wondering with my drained battery about how long the AC would run on almost no battery while sitting at a traffic light. I know a lot of start/stop cars will start the engine after a minute or so sitting with the AC on. So how long will the Volt be able to run the AC at a light if there is effectively no battery left before it starts the engine?
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I can imagine lots of people give up after way less time than that and just drive through the light - Do they have a cop posted nearby to fill the city's coffers by writing tickets??

Yeah, I think I'd wait 5 minutes and after that, I'd assume the lane sensor was broken and just pick a time when I know it's safe (obvious break in traffic, no cops, no red light cameras) and I'd drive through it. I've never seen one around here longer than about 2.5 minutes.

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