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AC on Battery

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So I'm at the dealer today in the hope they will update the backfire issue. The SA said it takes a long time (to hook the thing to a computer and walk away???). Anyway, I drained the battery so if they had to go for a joy ride they could experience the issue quickly. I got to wondering with my drained battery about how long the AC would run on almost no battery while sitting at a traffic light. I know a lot of start/stop cars will start the engine after a minute or so sitting with the AC on. So how long will the Volt be able to run the AC at a light if there is effectively no battery left before it starts the engine?
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I don't recall my engine ever starting up at a traffic light to provide power for the A/C, or for any other reason, so whatever buffer they have for that seems to last through traffic lights, at least in my experience.
Stoplights aren't that long, regardless of how they seem.* The buffer at CS mode is big enough to power the heating for about five minutes at full blast from engine shutoff to needing to start it again, and if the cabin is already comfortable, it could easily manage 15 minutes.

* Generally accepted traffic planning has signals change from red after no more than 100 seconds and between 60-90 seconds are recommended from a side street into an arterial.
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