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ABS / traction control warning message

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Hi everybody !

2012 Volt here with 110 000km (68750mi)

I installed my winter tires and backing up from the driveway, the ABS warning (ABS maintenance) came on.

Took it to GM and Dealer tells me it's either the ABS valve (1400$ plus labor) or the ABS control module. Also, after I went home (they had to order parts) the message was not present anymore. I called back and they told me they disabled the warning.

I suspect that it could be minor because I had a hard time with a wheel stud and had to replace one. I could have interfered with a wheel sensor in a way...

My questions are :

-Can GM really disable the ABS systems or warning messages / lights ?
-Is there a way to cross-check this ?
-Is there a way I could perform a simple test procedure ?

Thank you all and have a great day !
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2012 My ABS light goes on once and a long while and next time it start the car its gone. I am not worried about it unless it stays on.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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