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ABS / traction control warning message

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Hi everybody !

2012 Volt here with 110 000km (68750mi)

I installed my winter tires and backing up from the driveway, the ABS warning (ABS maintenance) came on.

Took it to GM and Dealer tells me it's either the ABS valve (1400$ plus labor) or the ABS control module. Also, after I went home (they had to order parts) the message was not present anymore. I called back and they told me they disabled the warning.

I suspect that it could be minor because I had a hard time with a wheel stud and had to replace one. I could have interfered with a wheel sensor in a way...

My questions are :

-Can GM really disable the ABS systems or warning messages / lights ?
-Is there a way to cross-check this ?
-Is there a way I could perform a simple test procedure ?

Thank you all and have a great day !
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Thanks ! I still investigating

The dealer probably reset the CEL not disabled ABS.

The last change is usually the cause of a new problem. Check any sensors near the wheels and verify that the snow tires are not more than 10% smaller or larger in circumference than OEM.
Thanks for the advice Loboc !

-I disconnected the battery for 5 minutes to reset all I could.
-I just checked ABS fuses and they are ok.
-My snow tires have been the same for 2 years, I was just putting them back on.
-However, After my first tire was installed, I had to move the car. so I did have one out of four tires that was of a different circumference. Could it be just that ?
-If i press the ''disable traction control'' button, It shows that it's out, as expected.

-I dont see any check engine or ABS message in the present moment, the've been out for a week.
The dealer told me they ''disabled'' the ABS function as a whole... Thus the absence of CEL or any other message.

- Is there a way to know if they disabled ABS ?, I was guessing that maybee the battery disconnect would put everything back at normal state...


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You are right about that AZ EV Driver ! Especially with the snow coming here pretty soon !
Thanks SharkVolt !

I'm thinking the same...

I also scanned my car with a code reader and it found no stored codes (Innova 3030). I drove my car all week long, every day, and I didn't get any DTC or messages or CEL...

I think I'll ask for a second opinion in another dealer. Or if a Volt advisor can confirm that if I would have an issue with the ABS, that some indication would show up.
Yes G-PA, told everything... I think i'll change my habits of going there. Lots of other dealerships in the region.
I also talked a couple of minutes ago with a good friend of mine (car mechanic for 15 years and now electronics technician) and he told me the same thing as you guys.

This forum is very active and I want to thank you all for your advice ! feels good to get some help !
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