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A news article, with less than positive comments from Larry Burns of GM

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Well, there is one positive comment - that he restates the Volt is due out in 2010...

But the rest of it seems to imply that GM will "do the Volt for now" but would really rather develop Fuel-cell vehicles. Which I personally think would be great...maybe we could then have boats that are powered by hydrogen too. I love my boat, but having a big block 454, it costs $5 just to start :)
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I think you're taking his comment about the Volt a little out of context. He was talking solely about batteries and used the Volt's battery as an example of the limitations of current pure EVs. He never said the Volt was a bad idea with it's range extender, just that pure EVs are not practical replacements for the types of vehicles that we now drive and enjoy based on current battery technology.

He basically says that the fuel cell is a better replacement for an ICE than a battery is at this point in time based only on performance in a vehicle. He also says that things are changing rapidly and so it's foolish to have all your eggs in one basket because we don't know where technology moving right now. Diversifying research is the way to go at this point. I pretty much agree with all he has said.

OK, now let's get ready for all the "fool sells" rants.:rolleyes:
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