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A news article, with less than positive comments from Larry Burns of GM

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Well, there is one positive comment - that he restates the Volt is due out in 2010...

But the rest of it seems to imply that GM will "do the Volt for now" but would really rather develop Fuel-cell vehicles. Which I personally think would be great...maybe we could then have boats that are powered by hydrogen too. I love my boat, but having a big block 454, it costs $5 just to start :)
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Hydrogen tech is so backwards

Just buy the electricity only once with a electric battery car. Buying hydrogen involves production electricity use you pay for during conversion and since hydrogen is just a storage medium or carrier well you get to pay twice before it is converted back to electricity with a fool cell. I despise big oil and their economics and their foolish money hungry hydrogen scheme. All you guys just line up again and give away your hard earned money for a worthless" hydrogen battery"(so called fuel cell) powered car gimmick I will stick to a conventional EV and not pay out the azz for the rest of my life to go to work everyday by not giving away my money senselessly to big oil/hydrogen ect....
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