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A news article, with less than positive comments from Larry Burns of GM

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Well, there is one positive comment - that he restates the Volt is due out in 2010...

But the rest of it seems to imply that GM will "do the Volt for now" but would really rather develop Fuel-cell vehicles. Which I personally think would be great...maybe we could then have boats that are powered by hydrogen too. I love my boat, but having a big block 454, it costs $5 just to start :)
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I'm not 100% into hydrogen. Hydrogen may have a better playing role in submarine and Space. Speaking as who win "hydrogen or electric" remind me of war with blue-ray DVD and HD-DVD. I believe it all come down with the most effective of use and cost. Larry Burns seem to rather have have diversity of energy. There will always be some forms of diversity of energy. The effective of use and cost will win. Oil is losing it effective cause it getting harder to find new oil with technology that we have. Humans always take the easy way out with the most effective of use and from there it cost. In my view, some form of energy storage and/or generate energy will win out. I prefer generate energy the most effective that it does not need any form of storge of energy. That technology is not there yet.
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