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In most cars it seems when I lock the car a peg slides to the gas hatch making it difficult for someone to open it without breaking it off. How about to dissuade people from stealing electricity from cars parked in the open a cord that has a standard NEMA 5-15 end on the house side but a specialized NEMA L5-15 on the car side with a slot meant to hold a locked socket to the car. Of course design it to be breakaway in case someone forgets. A person can always keep an extra handy just in case.

Of course this brings up my second idea. An electronic metering recharging station. Have a standard parking meter-esque stand with a slot for a debit card and a plug-in next to it with a sliding lock. You plug the car in, slide your debit card, then pull the connection lock over it. Then when you return you slide your card again, it finalizes the bill, prints a receipt, and allows the lock to release to the plug. If anyone else tries to release it, it'll reject it any non-matching card. Plus they'd have to destroy the cord to steal electricity which would be a little more difficult and garner more attention then simply just unplugging or swinging the cord over.

Any criticisms or flaws outside of the difficulty in standardizing and building them?
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