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A Life Moment Brought to you by Hail Starring Ebony and Ivory

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This is one of those moments in life that I couldn't not help but to share been on this forum for years but this is my first time posting, we had a random very bad hail storm and our brand new ELR was out side when it happened in the early hours of the morning when Im usually asleep this particular day I just happened to be awake and heard some thuds outside I went outside to my nightmare of course it turned out to be the beginning of a giant hail storm, the next ten minutes were hell with bruises from the hail and meanwhile absorbing more water than spongebob, we parked the cars behind our house cause of the direction of the the wind and covered up with the random stuff we had laying around (of course with card board first) as much as we could. Now thats said, what I'm actually most proud of is that I got through this entire thing with out a single hail pun. :eek:


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That could have been a hail of a mess! Hail no, that's not snow.
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