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As you know me, I am a rather "glass half-empty" type and quick to criticize and point to errors and omissions. So this praise is indeed sincere and well-deserved.

I had a short list of minor items that needed addressing so this morning I took my Volt to Ted Britt Chevrolet in Sterling. The issues were:

1. The secondary weatherstripping on the rear right door was lose/had somehow popped out of a retainer at the door's midsection (by the chrome strip);

2. There was a rather annoying and often discussed here rattle coming from the right side of the rear hatch;

3. The charge door was sticking.

Chris Thomas, one of the service advisors there took great care of me. After I demonstrated the issues he wrote them down and also found a service campaign that my Volt needed (thought that was already done, but they inspected it anyway):

#12020 Inspect Driverside Airbag and Reposition Insulator

I got a call early afternoon from Chris that my Volt was ready and the issues were resolved. They put the weatherstrip back in, found that the rattle was coming from a loose interior trim piece banking on the hatch and secured it, and checked and cleaned the charge door for proper operation without using any lube. When I got there to pick it up it turned out that all repairs were covered under warranty so there was no cost to me to fix them. This means I am also grateful to GM as well. My car was also fully charged and fetched for me at the service bay to get in and go.

This is not my first positive experience at Ted Britt Chevy so they have my full recommendation.

And just to give them a little plug, Ted Britt do have seven new Volts looking to make an owner very happy, so if you are in the area considering another Volt or know someone that does, do pay them a visit. :)
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