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A Friend's prediction on the Volt

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I was talking to one of my friend's the other day about the Volt, and here are some predictions he came up with. They aren't pretty either:

1) It won't go 40 miles on a charge, more like 30.
2) It won't have a plug, meaning the battery will be charged by the gasoline engine only (Thereby eliminating the VERY reason for buying one).
3) It will cost around 40K-50K (over-pricing it to the point that it will be un-affordable to most)

That's just his predictions. He saw 'Who killed the Electric Car' and is skeptical about GM delivering on their earlier statements of 'Plug in charging, 40 miles without gas, under 30K'

I surely hope he's wrong.
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While most car forums frown on resurrecting old posts, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.
:( .
Oh damnit... now I'm literally cleaning up hot chocolate. CURSE YOU Mister Dave and your sly wit!!!!
LOL - back at you. I'm smiling now. Not an evil grin....... much. Hope it didn't go up your nose! :D

I stick with coffee, or maybe I don't stick (get sticky nostrils)?
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