After 11 years of generally trouble-free ownership, I said goodbye to my Volt last Saturday.

I have a few items in the garage that I would like to pass along. These are for/from a 2012 Volt, but I believe they will fit any 2011 - 2015.

These things aren't worth the cost or trouble to ship, so hopefully a forum member in the Pittsburgh, PA area can meet up with me to take them off my hands. I live east of Pittsburgh, near Murrysville and Delmont.

PM me if interested.


Item 1: NIB, AC Delco Oil Filter: PF65, GM#55352643
Price: 1 Beer
Material property Rectangle Electric blue Packaging and labeling Gas

Item 2: A Used, Genuine Scarlett VoltScreen G1. Bought many years ago but still in good condition. Attaches with wire ties (not included).
Price: One 6-pack of beer.
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle Metal

Item 3: Used, 4-piece HuskyLiner Floor Liners, Black. I used these through several winters. Still in great shape and even pretty clean. Kept them in the original box (included) when not in the car.
Price: One Case of Beer

Black Rectangle Automotive tire Wood Font
Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Grey
Black Font Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Auto part