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A few questions for Spark EV owners

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We own a Volt 2017 as our Only car today. We are starting to need a second car, so I am looking into a used Spark EV or Fiat 500e, which are around 9k (or below) for 2015 and fairly low mileage.

I have the following questions for the owners of the spark out there.

1- Did you consider the Fiat 500e when you got your Spark, and if so what made you choose the Spark over the Fiat
2- Have you seen any battery issues / degradation after the first 2 -3 years or more.
3- What is your average Mileage on a full charge under reasonable driving conditions
4- Any other maintenance issue coming up after 3 years?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Motor Trend did an article comparing the top five small electric vehicles some time ago. The top car was the Chevy Spark EV, next the Ford Focus Electric (only by a few points). The Nissal Leaf was third, and the Fiat 500e was fourth. The Mitsubishi iMiev was the last and worse. Check the MT webpages for that comparion, and also check Consumer Reports (if you trust them) for their reviews.

One good point about a BEV, even a used one, is the minimum maintenence they need. You will be changing tires and wiper blades before they need any fluid replacements (coolant and transmission fluids)!
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