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A few questions for Spark EV owners

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We own a Volt 2017 as our Only car today. We are starting to need a second car, so I am looking into a used Spark EV or Fiat 500e, which are around 9k (or below) for 2015 and fairly low mileage.

I have the following questions for the owners of the spark out there.

1- Did you consider the Fiat 500e when you got your Spark, and if so what made you choose the Spark over the Fiat
2- Have you seen any battery issues / degradation after the first 2 -3 years or more.
3- What is your average Mileage on a full charge under reasonable driving conditions
4- Any other maintenance issue coming up after 3 years?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Thank you all so far.

I understand the Spark only charges at 3.3kw unless you have the fast DC charging option, is that true for all model year?
Also is the EVSE that comes with the car a level 1 (110v) or a level 2 (240v)?
Also what are the bumper to bumper warranty and battery warranty on the spark ?
Thanks again
Just found this.
3.3kW all years. Same part as the G1 volt.
Comes with L1. Some owners can live with that.
3yr/36k mile bumper to bumper, same as all GM's, no?

Mine is in the final days of that coverage and I will not have a single item that needed warranty repairs.
I had it in for some SW recalls and that is all.

I see in another thread you got one with 57k miles. Don U worry bout a ting. Flog it !! Front tires and cheap, so it's cheap, fast fun !!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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