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A few questions for Spark EV owners

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We own a Volt 2017 as our Only car today. We are starting to need a second car, so I am looking into a used Spark EV or Fiat 500e, which are around 9k (or below) for 2015 and fairly low mileage.

I have the following questions for the owners of the spark out there.

1- Did you consider the Fiat 500e when you got your Spark, and if so what made you choose the Spark over the Fiat
2- Have you seen any battery issues / degradation after the first 2 -3 years or more.
3- What is your average Mileage on a full charge under reasonable driving conditions
4- Any other maintenance issue coming up after 3 years?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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You might want to read up on Fiat 500e user groups to see what is being said by owners. A google search turned up a few. Here is the first:

My friend has a 2015 Fiat 500 convertible that I find really cute. She loves it. It has the pale pea green color with a light tan top, a perfect color combination IMO. The only trouble she had with it in the over 13k miles she has driven it was a heat shield that vibrated at a certain engine speed which was easily corrected by the dealer.
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