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A/C compressor question

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As you can well imagine, living in Tucson, the A/C spends a lot of time running. In fact, my battery guess-o-meter said 32 miles this morning, primarily due to the heat.

My question is more curiosity than need-to-know, but I've listened to the compressor many, many times and it sounds like it is a variable speed unit. I did some searching on this forum and learned that the compressor is A/C (alternating current), 3-phase, and 300 volts. But, I did not find an answer as to whether it is multi speed or variable speed.

My home A/C compressor is multi speed, so I'm familiar with that as the two different speeds are very distinctive. The Volt, however, certainly sounds like a variable speed unit. Just curious if anyone knows for sure.

I was certainly pleased to read in my searching that the A/C compressor is considered part of the Voltec system and is covered under the powertrain warranty. Another big plus for the Volt, and for GM.
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It's suppose to run at speeds to fit the situation, so my bet is that its a variable compressor. it certainly sounds it when it's running.
I agree based just on sound.
My 2013 has always run a startup "cycle" where the pump comes on, goes through it's stages (you can hear it step up, up, up, and then down, down, down) and then either shuts off or runs at a low speed. I assumed this was normal since it always does it in warm weather.
Hmmm, that appears to be yet a different behavior. How long does the startup "cycle" take?
Maybe 2-3 seconds total. And just FYI my A/C blows nice and cold and reliably from super-humid 70's right up to 109F (the highest we've hit this year in my area).
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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