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A big THANK YOU to all the members

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I just bought a 2014 Volt 2 weeks ago with 46k miles. About 1 week after owning it I started to hear a clicking noise from the front end during acceleration and braking. Thanks to this wonderful forum I had a keen idea that it was the interface at the hub with the cv axle. Armed with this knowledge I went to the dealer knowing my warranty should cover it under the drivetrain warranty. The dealer calls me up to explain the exact issue, which was exactly what I suspected. He then tells me with parts and labor it was to cost $423. I then asked shouldn't it be under warranty. He says no . So I said "its part of the drivetrain". "Axles are under the drivetrain, you can't tell me the drive train stops halfway down the axle" he backpedalled a bit and said let me recheck the warranty coverage. I looked at my phone and he called me back in exactly 2 minutes. He must be a speed reader. He says " oh yes axles are under the warranty. I'll replace both front axles to make sure it is fully taken care of. it will be 100% covered"

So my sincerest thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences. You saved me $423 and a few days of heartburn.

If you haven't been told before let me say it now. "Without your input the rest of us would be that much worse off."

Thanks again
Bryan L.
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Forewarned is to be forearmed. A knowledgeable consumer protects himself. I can't think of any other platitudes at the moment, but you get my drift. Glad you educated yourself. 8^)
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