By now everyone also has seen spy photos of the Bolt . I cannot post the images because they are copyrighted, but how do you like it?

Sales for the Chevy Volt were nearly on par last month with 1,980 deliveries reported compared to October’s 2,035.

Of these, says GM, 86 percent are the 2016 model year being sold for now just in California and 10 states following its zero emission rules.

That roughly equates to 1,700 sales last month out of 1,980 total, and the remainder are of course 2015s, and possibly a few scattered 2014 models.

The Volt in any case is seeing new lifeblood coming to its balance sheets, it's up 48.2 percent year-over-year, though new highs have yet to be seen as the former generation has sold up to 3,000, and into the lower and mid 200s on its best months.

The Volt also rode a wave with Chevrolet as a brand posting the auto industry’s largest sales increase – heavily fortified as it was by truck, SUV and crossover sales.

In short, GM’s green car is back in the saddle again, and actually relatively strong with only 11 (of its biggest) states accounting for most volume.

How much of that is pent up demand from those who have been waiting just to place an order is unknown, but certainly this is boosting sales in this, the second month for generation two.

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