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$7500 tax credit still available?

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I was just wondering if anyone knows how close the volt is to not getting the full tax credit of $7500? Is there any site tracking this? Thanks,
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Inside EVs publishes a monthly sales scorecard for the U.S., and has all the past years in those posts. If I remember right, GM is slightly over 100k right now, neck and neck with Nissan and Tesla. All three will probably hit 200k sometime next year I believe, Tesla first if they reap the 3 like they said they will.

Here's the most recent scorecard post:

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Using the EV insides numbers, as of end of september, GM has sold 146,665 Volt/Bolt/Sparks since 2010

The current sales rate of Volt/Bolt is ~3500 month

So if things stay the same sales rate ( which would be all time yearly sales rate by a long shot ), and you have the 3-6 month grace period once 200K is met, it will be 1st or 2nd quarter 2019 at the earliest, before the reductions start on the tax credit get reduced, probably into 2020 as Volts will be end of life by them so yearly total will likely drop
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