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Hey all. I just changed my transmission fluid at 103K miles. I thought I had it pretty level in my garage, but when I opened the fluid level check hole, it started pouring out. I then opened the drain plug and let it drain. I got a level and checked the car and low and behold the garage slopes a little towards the door for drainage. So the level hole would be lower than it was supposed to be. After letting it drain for an hour, I took the fluid I had collected and measured it. I got almost 6 full quarts out of the transmission. Just about a 2mm shy of the full 6 quarts line. So I put the drain and level plugs/bolts back in and proceeded to put almost a full 6 quarts back in, since that's what came out and I made it to 103K, it can't be that bad for it right??? At least that's my thinking. Any chance it got overfilled from the factory and has been riding around overfilled for 6 years / 103K? Just thought I would ask and see if anyone else had encountered the same thing. Thanks!
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