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5+ years, 3 Volt's and 1st FMM - Rat's

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I knew it was lurking, bought our 2017 Aug 20th 2016. Have driven over 7400 miles and only have 50 miles on the ICE. VoltStats reports I'm operating my Volt at 99.3% all electric. My other two Volt's (2012 and 2013 driven over 45K miles) but they never needed a FMM. So today I get the FMM message and accept it. I have about 5 gallon's of gas in the tank. So I have one question and one observation.

Question: How much fuel will be burned off, all 5 gallons, a percentage, how much?

Observation: I know the door label shows my car was built 06/16, but since the FMM chose today to run, can I assume my car was "built" or given birth on June 22nd 2016, 365 days ago? I say that because there must be a clock/calendar built into the car and someone had to write the code to make this work and it makes sense to say "365 days from TODAY start FMM on the day the car registered fuel being added". Thoughts/comments.
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Triggering FMM might be a sign a BEV is more appropriate for your driving habits. Why lug around 300 lbs. of dead engine weight and pay for synthetic oil changes every 2 years?
Range anxiety. I just don't want to think about it, and there is still no 200 mile BEV that I would want to drive (the Bolt's just not for me).

You're lucky you only had five gallons. I had to burn through a full tank of the dealer's gas since I had never used any except for the EMM's. I only put in three gallons of non-ethanol, so it'll go faster the next time.
The salesman asked if I wanted $20 instead of a full tank of gas, but I was so frazzled by the long sales process that I didn't take him up on it. Wish I had - I'd still be extending my Miles Driven Without Gas streak on VoltStats.

I burned off most of the tank and put in a couple of gallons.

Next time it gets to FMM, will it give me the opportunity to decline and run for a gas station? Or do I have to anticipate it?
With a 2016-17 Volt its probably would be good to run the gasoline engine in Hold mode until it gets close to empty than fill her up. Should be good for the engine as well.
I'm playing the VoltStats game and my MPG is over 1000. The engine can make do with EMM. I never turn it on except when the car forces it.

I've got 3 gallons now. I'll probably add another three when FMM comes up, extend my Miles Per Tank and Miles Without Gas some more, and then burn almost all of it off and start over.

It's tough racking up good stats when only driving 6000 miles a year though.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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