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5+ years, 3 Volt's and 1st FMM - Rat's

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I knew it was lurking, bought our 2017 Aug 20th 2016. Have driven over 7400 miles and only have 50 miles on the ICE. VoltStats reports I'm operating my Volt at 99.3% all electric. My other two Volt's (2012 and 2013 driven over 45K miles) but they never needed a FMM. So today I get the FMM message and accept it. I have about 5 gallon's of gas in the tank. So I have one question and one observation.

Question: How much fuel will be burned off, all 5 gallons, a percentage, how much?

Observation: I know the door label shows my car was built 06/16, but since the FMM chose today to run, can I assume my car was "built" or given birth on June 22nd 2016, 365 days ago? I say that because there must be a clock/calendar built into the car and someone had to write the code to make this work and it makes sense to say "365 days from TODAY start FMM on the day the car registered fuel being added". Thoughts/comments.
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I've never seen FMM on my volt, but alas, my volt hits the Dino juice almost daily with my 50 mile commute. Though today, with mild weather I did park at a free charging station 2 blocks away. All electric today, unless I decide to take a side excursion for some shopping.
Triggering FMM might be a sign a BEV is more appropriate for your driving habits. Why lug around 300 lbs. of dead engine weight and pay for synthetic oil changes every 2 years?

I'm not trying to troll, just genuinely curious, if you can go a full year without gas, why not just get a BEV and rent an ICE for those rare occasions you need it?

edit: Just reread your reply saying you own a Denali for road trips and that the Volt's range covers 99% of your daily trips. You could have gotten a used BEV a la Spark, Leaf, etc. and saved a ton of money instead of buying a new Volt.

edit2: eh sorry, this post sounds preachy. I don't mean it to. I'm just baffled.
Bazinga doesn't need to rent an icer. His signature shows that his other vehicle is a GMC Acadia. Plus he has GM pride - previous vehicles include a few vettes, two gen1 volts, and I think an Equinox (all in the same timeframe that I've owned one volt). He gets some special GM pricing that lets him trade in his cars for almost what he paid for them. So he plays vehicular musical chairs, pretty much for the fun of it

Plus in IL, they never sold the Spark EV. The bolt isn't quite here yet, but soon. But a non GM vehicle isn't in the cards, so no leaf, no focus electric, no i3. Though he's been eyeing a CPO Tesla model S for quite time time. I'm hoping Bazinga gets a CT6 Plug-in to keep the GM streak going.
LLninja, thanks for the summary, you pretty much outlined my lifestyle. And for The Blue Flash, I actually thought the Gen II Volt could work as our retirement road vehicle until we had two grandchildren pop into our lives. We tried living with a 5 seater (Volt and then Equinox) but after one trip to visit them we soon discovered we needed a BIGGER vehicle. 25% off MSRP on the new 6 pax GMC Acadia Denali with ACC sealed the deal. So our Volt has become my DD getting me to/from work (22 miles r/t) taking me to retirement soon and with a Level II EVSE in the garage I have even driven my Volt over 100 miles on a Saturday meeting 100% of my needs.

I have lusted over a Tesla MS (even own stock) but contrary to many fanboy pronouncements I'm still not comfortable going LONG distance even in a Tesla with their S/C network. I have family in three locations and two are at the limits of my comfort
/safety limits so a Volt is still my perferred long distance "EV".

In a nut shell, a GMC Acadia sized vehicle with a Voltec power train that could go about 40 miles electric would be the PERFECT vehicle for me and I suspect millions of Americans.
Oh great, here I was starting to plan on becoming an empty nester, looking at 2 sweaters for myself, also looking at a Silverado quad cab instead of suburbans, and then you had to bring up grandchildren. I guess they are inevitable, so I should probably smash the Silverado plans and go back to a suburban, or at a minimum, think Acadia, traverse, volvo VC90. Dang, I was looking forward to that pickup bed.
I agree, I can't wait until GM puts out a Voltec Equinox or similar.
Why not add an Escalade to our Frankenstein
The "ade" was for the Escalade. Subyukonade is easier to pronounce than Subyukonlade. The thing to add would be Subyukonaderado to add a Silverado to the mix.
This will never get old.
If you search the entire internet. You will discover that I coined Subyukonade not too long ago. I think I'm the only one using it, but who knows, maybe someday it will make its way into the urban dictionary.
I highly recommend using Ethanol Free gas with the rate you never use your gas. :).

Here is a great website to find the nearest ethanol free gas and they also have an App that is great when on the road:

Gas with Ethanol has a crappy shelf life.

More power to you!
We need to cross check ethanol free with top tier.

No power in the 'verse can stop me.
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