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5 Days Old, Road Debris and Boom!

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On they way to work yesterday am. 5 or 6 big highway cones fell off a truck a few vehicles in front of me. Absolutely nowhere for me to go as I was blocked in. 65 miles per hour.
Ouch! In addition to destroying the lower air dam and grill it pushed the bumper back into the quarter panels, hairline cracks in the paint across the length of the bumper, knocked a parking sensor out, and broke or damaged most of the lower front clip attachment thingys.
Well, into the shop for the new baby.
(Pic does not really show the damage very well.)

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I think people do that because they see others do it and think it is a good idea. Craigslist has gone crazy with fingers, and it is interesting when they do it on one, but forget on another. It is a matter of public record so I see no harm in showing plates. Only time I could see it being an issue is for an advertisement and it identified someone's car who didn't want to be in it, as an example.

Sorry to hear about the car, that is bum luck.
What does "Craig's list has gone crazy with fingers" mean?
That is unfortunate. You did the right thing driving over the road cones instead of swerving at high speed and possibly losing control of the Volt.

I was following behind a semi last week on my way to work when the one of the trailer's tires exploded. Man was that loud! Rubber and steel wire pieces were suddenly all over the road. The largest piece of the blown tire was thrown into the lane to my left. I was able to slow down but I did drive over some of the smaller pieces, luckily there was no damage to my Volt.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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