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42 psi, Goodyear OEM Tires

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I run 42 psi in the Goodyear OEM tires. Gauged when cold. It is so hot in this area, ambient temps 108/111 degrees fahrenheit, that the DIC tells me the pressures are 46/49 psi after 10 miles of 65 mph freeway driving. When cold the DIC reading is fairly accurate when checked against an electronic pressure gauge.
What pressure would you run in these conditions when checked with the tires at 72 degrees?
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Dont laugh but I go to my local stewarts for their digital station. I put in 41 but vary through out the year here in the north east but in the summer now the intent is to run 41 cold and at 43 hot as it seems to go up about +2 for my typical driving patterns. I would go higher but the ride is harsher. But the DIC reading is near spot on for my 2014 matching the stewarts pressure gauge. But after the fill ding, I do another apply to fill/top off to same target as it seems to kind of top it off reaching target pump pressure settomg. This later technique seems to get my DIC reading to match all the time for some odd reason the stewarts pump digital meter. Maybe the initial ding by the stewarts digital meter meeting the target pressure is off by 1 psi. Anyway this works for me. And yes I go to the same stewarts pump all the time. Im sure they can vary by station.
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