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42 psi, Goodyear OEM Tires

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I run 42 psi in the Goodyear OEM tires. Gauged when cold. It is so hot in this area, ambient temps 108/111 degrees fahrenheit, that the DIC tells me the pressures are 46/49 psi after 10 miles of 65 mph freeway driving. When cold the DIC reading is fairly accurate when checked against an electronic pressure gauge.
What pressure would you run in these conditions when checked with the tires at 72 degrees?
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Oh, invest in a good tire pressure gauge - don't depend on the TPMS numbers.
I have found that my TPMS sensors are very accurate, match the quality tire gauges, and the crappy cheap tire gauges are almost always off (I've since pitched them). My only complaint is while filling tires, it takes a minute or two for the TPMS to react, so. Good tire gauge will give you instant gratification rather than sitting there for 5 minutes or so waiting for a number to maybe change, maybe not, so you add more, wait, add more wait, then the TPMS tells you that you are 5 psi over...
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