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42 psi, Goodyear OEM Tires

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I run 42 psi in the Goodyear OEM tires. Gauged when cold. It is so hot in this area, ambient temps 108/111 degrees fahrenheit, that the DIC tells me the pressures are 46/49 psi after 10 miles of 65 mph freeway driving. When cold the DIC reading is fairly accurate when checked against an electronic pressure gauge.
What pressure would you run in these conditions when checked with the tires at 72 degrees?
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I'd run them at whatever pressure you want between the door placard pressure and the maximum 51 PSI ambient air temperature pressure. I've had these tires running at 56 PSI in 100+ degree temperatures while running at 80 MPH across western Kansas. Don't worry about uneven tread wear as a result - radial tires don't bulge like the old bias ply tires did. I ran a set of these tires at 50 PSI cold for 40,000 miles and had even tread wear until I had to replace them for dry rot.

Whatever you do, do NOT run them below the door placard pressure as this will significantly increase rolling resistance and put excessive stress on the sidewalls.

Oh, invest in a good tire pressure gauge - don't depend on the TPMS numbers.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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