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42 psi, Goodyear OEM Tires

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I run 42 psi in the Goodyear OEM tires. Gauged when cold. It is so hot in this area, ambient temps 108/111 degrees fahrenheit, that the DIC tells me the pressures are 46/49 psi after 10 miles of 65 mph freeway driving. When cold the DIC reading is fairly accurate when checked against an electronic pressure gauge.
What pressure would you run in these conditions when checked with the tires at 72 degrees?
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The maximum pressure for the Goodyear OEM tires is 51 psi, so you are not exceeding that. However, the DIC units on my Volt read about 1.5 psi lower than the gauge pressure, so you may be pushing it. If it were me, I'd probably reduce the DIC-indicated pressure to about 44 psi.

I read somewhere that filling the tires with pure nitrogen, as they do at Costco, reduces the pressure variation with temperature because water vapor, which has a larger expansion coefficient, is excluded.
I use an electronic/digital gauge as stated in my original post. They are very accurate. The DIC usually reads within 1 psi of my gauge when checking cold tires so apparently it is fairly accurate as well.

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There was a discussion a while ago and it seems the variation in digital display pressure is due to altitude. I'm guessing you live at a high elevation. Not at sea level.
Thank you. But there is almost no difference between my digital gage and the DIC at my altitude of 1,600 feet. My question was basically asking what you all run as a starting/cold tire pressure when dealing with extreme ambient temps, 108 degrees and up. After just a few miles at 65 mph I am seeing front tire pressure approaching 50 psi.

I think the folks suggesting I lower my starting/cold psi reading a couple of pounds are giving good advice. That is what I am going to do.

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