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42 psi, Goodyear OEM Tires

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I run 42 psi in the Goodyear OEM tires. Gauged when cold. It is so hot in this area, ambient temps 108/111 degrees fahrenheit, that the DIC tells me the pressures are 46/49 psi after 10 miles of 65 mph freeway driving. When cold the DIC reading is fairly accurate when checked against an electronic pressure gauge.
What pressure would you run in these conditions when checked with the tires at 72 degrees?
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I know next to nothing about tires, other than what my brother the tire expert has told me, and that was mostly about the materials used in and the construction of the tires. (And how most people get flats). With that forewarning, I'd probably back off by a couple of psi if it's that hot. In fact I might even drop down to 38 psi cold, especially if I was going longer distances. I just don't see any advantage in pushing the inflation that hard.

For me the difference in cold and running tires is 3 psi, maybe 4 psi max. Not all that different.
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