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That is simply amazing. More than two full charges per day on average!.
I guess you have the best case for workplace charging that is possible. And that's with GM's gen2 Volt "slow" 3.6kw L2 charging. Gen2 Volt overnight charging is easy, but getting more than a 2nd full charge every day takes another 4.5-6 hours on the average ... plus I think he said he was using the ChrisTx adapter so he's only getting 2.88kw at home. Also, public charging is often 3-phase, 3.3kw instead of 3.6kw.

gen2 volt l2 charging speed:
3.6kw, 12mph charging (240v charging @ 15 amps)
3.3kw, 11mph charging (3-phase public charging, 208v @ 16 amps)
2.88kw, 9.6mph charging (ChrisTx adapter, 240v @ 12 amps)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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