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$38K for a new...2013? Wait, the year is almost 2017.

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Hi folks, just had to share this story. I was shopping around for a NEW Gen 1 (yes there are a few around) and I was surprised to see a NEW 2013 still available. It didn't have the price listed, so out of curiousity I called the dealership. Their asking price? $38K.

After laughing uncontrollably for a few seconds, I pointed out that brand NEW 17s (which they also sell) are even less than that (this particular 2013 didn't even have NAV, but SP1&2). I asked why the car was still "new" and why it was still on the lot. It was apparently "destined for the loaner program" but "never made it." Took a long time to figure that out...

Anyway, I thought that was amusing. Since the MSRP of that car was around 42K (before the 5K 2014 price drop), I think they just subtracted 5K and thought that was a "deal." I quickly crossed that Volt off my shopping list.
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I would, but more like $8-12K, not $38k. I bought my new 2013 volt in oct 2013 for $21K. Some dealerships just have no clue.
you can go to right now, ans they have about 100+ just off lease 2013 volts for sale
the price is anywhere from $17,00 thru $20,000 and there are all trims and options
just because a seller wants certain money for a new vehicle doesn't man he is going to sell it for that.
sadly, the chevy volt doesn't hold it's value very well,losing over 50% of it's value in 3 years
my 2015 volt has all the options for that year, and it was window stickered at 39,680
by the time my rebate was applied and my tradein was applied, I got my voly for 20,000 out the door
sadly,in 2 years, that is just above the value of my volt, but this is my last car
If this is your last car, then like me, technically you lost 100% of its value when you drove it off the dealer's lot as you don't plan on ever selling it, and you've lost the money that you've put towards it. Maybe your heirs will get something out of it by selling it, but you'll never see that money again. I won't even look up my car's value on KBB because I'm assuming I've spent my $21k on the $44k MSRP vehicle I'm driving. But it's great to never have a car payment for the rest of your life. It's just insurance, taxes, eating, and fun from this point forward
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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