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$38K for a new...2013? Wait, the year is almost 2017.

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Hi folks, just had to share this story. I was shopping around for a NEW Gen 1 (yes there are a few around) and I was surprised to see a NEW 2013 still available. It didn't have the price listed, so out of curiousity I called the dealership. Their asking price? $38K.

After laughing uncontrollably for a few seconds, I pointed out that brand NEW 17s (which they also sell) are even less than that (this particular 2013 didn't even have NAV, but SP1&2). I asked why the car was still "new" and why it was still on the lot. It was apparently "destined for the loaner program" but "never made it." Took a long time to figure that out...

Anyway, I thought that was amusing. Since the MSRP of that car was around 42K (before the 5K 2014 price drop), I think they just subtracted 5K and thought that was a "deal." I quickly crossed that Volt off my shopping list.
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... and that's why it's still on the lot....
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