General Motors has been airing a brief Volt commercial on Fox News the past few days focusing on a few core facts.

The ad has run during The O’Reilly Factor time slot, possibly at other times as well, and also being aired is the familiar Detroit-Hamtramck commercial.

According to GM Spokesman Rob Peterson, the company is gratified that after all the adverse press the Volt has received, it is a solid product and something the facts prove General Motors can be proud of.

Last year and into this year a variety of publications reported allegations ranging from purported low demand, to Chevy dealers “gaming” the tax credit, to a couple house fires where Volts had been parked, and alleged battery safety issues.

From our view it was almost like a game of dog pile on the rabbit (if you remember your Bugs Bunny cartoons), but through all the mudslinging, politicizing and polemics, the Volt has come out on top looking smarter than ever.

In designing the Volt, Peterson added that GM took great care and established around 200 patents or more on technology that will benefit not just the Volt, but other vehicles from mild hybrids to full electric.

These vehicles, including the 2013 Spark EV, pending Cadillac ELR, and even mild hybrids like the new Malibu Eco with eAssist are intended to reduce dependence on oil, benefit the environment, and are just some of the beneficiaries from the Volt's development.

So the Volt is not merely a "halo" car, it was also a concerted effort that has spun off and will continue to spin off innovations that stand to improve many vehicles for the world's largest automaker.

The effort to build the Volt – which many here at GM-Volt have followed for years – has been called a “moon shot” and as the commercial succinctly says, the Volt remains a safe and well-engineered vehicle.

No doubt also GM is hoping the worst is behind it, and having weathered the storm created by critics whose motives have themselves been called into question, the Volt is in position for a production run of as many as 60,000 units world wide this year, although GM has said it may trim this if needed.

The company has said it is essentially starting over in “re-launching” the Volt, and this commercial and other ongoing efforts are part of that.

It goes without saying that GM-Volt wishes it well, but really, we know the car will rise on its own merits as more and more people are coming to see that it's hard to argue with the facts.


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