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I have to agree that superfast charging is nearly irrelevent for the Volt or any EREV.

I do have an L2 EVSE at home and have made use of that rate of charging. It is nice to make my daily commute, come and charge for a couple of hours and head back out later that evening without having to resort to gas. That said, most of the time, overnight charging is just fine, even at L1 EVSE rate.

Even if there was a supercharger network available, I believe I would actually prefer to find any old gas station to give me more range in a few minutes instead of searching for a fast charger and spending more time to "fuel up".

If I had a BEV (like a Tesla), it would be a different story. For an EREV, superfast charging is not important at all.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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