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2nd Generation Volt to be Supercharger Capable?

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Wouldn't it be great if GM partnered with Tesla to expand the use of Supercharger technology? Imagine charging in a few minutes using Superchargers with the next generation Chevrolet Volt that has a larger battery.

GM could use the Tesla Motors adapter too, and make a converter available for those with J1772 EVSEs at home like one of the ClipperCreek models.
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I agree with most of the comments that DC fast charging/Tesla type super charging is not really needed for the Volt.

I DO think, though, that faster charging, even if only 6.6 kW charge rates, would be really useful for a substantial portion of the Volt buying public. I frequently drive 60 or 70 miles and being able to get 20 miles per hour of charging while taking a lunch break (instead of the current 10-11 with the 3.3 kW charge rate) would really make a difference. It would also make using public charging stations that charge by the minute make a lot more sense than they do now.

Is it a make or break item like more AER, lower MSRP or roomier back seats/seating for 5? Probably not. But it would help me decide on a Volt when my current lease runs out in 2016, instead of another plug in choice. Heck make it an option, I would pay $500 to get it, maybe more, and it would cost GM a lot less than that to do the upgrade.
This assumes building a fast charging network, not just along main freeway routes, but at every workplace, shopping mall, restaurant, movie theater, and any place else where there is public parking.

I still say this is trying to turn an EREV into an EV.

If it is a deal breaker, then so be it......

What we need is more vehicle choices instead of one vehicle with all options. What is this, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle? Someday when the Volt is not the only EREV on the road, people will stop trying to make it do "EVERYTHING".
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