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got a letter in the mail about a month ago, didn't give it much thought but now i'm curious. We all know the new volts come with OnStar's 4G network settings and the current version is 2G. In the letter, it stated that in Canada (maybe US as well) the 2G networks were being dropped and that they will send me another letter in the future regarding servicing my OnStar system because it uses a 2G connection. THAT BEING SAID, anyone know if they are going to be upgrading the system to 4G free of charge? or will there be a cost? or if they aren't going to install the 4G system and perhaps just a 3G system?

The letter wasn't clear on what they were going to do. Just pretty much said my OnStar system is using 2G and the 2G network was being dropped so they would send me more info after about servicing the system so it can continue to operate.

Anybody know more? or receive something similar?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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