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240v charger was buzzing like a transformer...

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Went out to my garage and heard a buzzing sound coming from my Sun Country (Clipper Creek) 240v charger. It sounded very much like a transformer buzz you hear from a large transformer, not real loud but loud enough to hear it in the hallway beside the attached garage. I unplugged the charger from the car, waited a few seconds, plugged the charger back into the car and all is normal again.

Has anyone else experienced this and could this be a sign of imminent failure? The charger is about 3 years old and is used daily. I guess time will tell but I have never heard any sounds from the unit other than when the relay operates to start the high voltage charging.
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An AC relay can occasionally buzz somewhat if it pulls in for some reason just a little out of its normal position. My Clipper Creek has not done that (yet), but if it does I would not worry unless it becomes regular.

This could be it. The coil on the contactor or relay can sometimes buzz if the contacts don't meet just right. Keep an eye on it. It could be a fluke or it could be that the contactor or relay might be showing it's age.
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