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Has anyone ran 205s on a gen 1 with success? I searched and read the FAQ, but have not read anything useful yet.
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Original equipment tire size on my 2014 is 215/55-17. Your proposed 205 will be nominally (in name) 10 mm narrower at the widest part of the sidewall (section width), and just under 1/2 inch shorter to the top of the tire (lowers the car about 1/4 inch). The speedometer/odometer will count not quite 2% faster/more 'miles'.
Be aware that the current wheel rim width is not being changed, and that a narrower tire will still have the same distance between the beads. This 'stretch' will tend to make the tread concave (less car load on the center, more on the tread edges) possibly requiring a tire pressure increase to compensate and provide even wear across the full tread width.
Price being equal, I wouldn't be looking at tires less than 215 nominal width. I'd prefer something like a 235/50-15, same sidewall height (pothole protection) and rolling diameter (speedometer/odometer accuracy maintenance), as the original 215/55-17, and sidewalls will be neither pinched nor stretched on the rims.

But I'm cheap. I buy tires from Craig's. Currently 215/55-17 Michelin Energy saver A/S take-offs, four for $25 each. Cost more to mount and balance than to purchase.
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