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2018 Volt Premiers available yet?

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Has anyone seen any 2018 Volt Premiers available yet? The few 2018's at local dealers in Austin, TX are all Volt LTs currently.
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They are showing up here too. Hoping to hear from one of the first '18 buyers if GM did any unadvertised "tweaks," like adding a couple miles of range, like they did during some Gen 1 model years. I'm not finding it likely, though.
We're still probably 1 model year away from an MCE (mid cycle enhancement). I have a feeling that GM doesn't really want to spend money on the Volt, and IMO that money would be better spent on doing a plug-in Malibu. The Volt's best shot at improvements come from its all-too-apparent Cruze roots, because the Cruze is still an important car for Chevy. So anything they do for Cruze is also likely to transfer over to Volt. A new console/shifter would be most welcome, as in something that doesn't look like it cost $5 to build. Fix that and the plasticky door panels and the Volt would come a little closer to the new plug-in Honda Clarity, even given they can't make it roomier like the Honda (so they really need to lower the Volt's price as well).

Hopefully GM is also tracking how aggressively the Japanese competitors are including driving automation in Volt's competition, like the Leaf's "Pilot Assist". Volt already has all the necessary hardware, so they should follow in kind and turn lane departure assist into lane centering (and of course add ACC to the Bolt.)
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