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Hi everyone, I purchased a 2018 Volt new in Scottsdale, Arizona in December 2017. The performance on my car is significantly above what Chevy has advertised as far as electric range and MPG. It is almost like driving for free as far as out-of-pocket costs.
It has had one problem since I bought it. When the weather is hot and driving with the gasoline engine engaged, I will get a Stabilitrak light indication along with brake light and service. The brake system will pulse when stopping with the Stabilitrak light on. I will not let my wife drive it because it would scare her to death when this happens.
Since the Stabliitrak light only comes on in hot weather, I am wondering if it is the HMI computer having issues when it is hot. Does anyone know if the HMI is located? I do not see anything that could be it under the hood. If it is in the cabin on the firewall it could get hotter with the gasoline engine on.
I have not had much luck taking it into the dealer in Scottsdale or in San Antonio (where I am living now).
Does anyone know if the dealer can run a diagnostic while the car is on the road? Next time I take it in to Alamo City dealership, I need to tell them to lead foot it on the freeway and use up a tank of gas if needed to get the fault to show up. It is very rare for the fault to show up driving with battery only.
Any thoughts on how to get this feature fixed?
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