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I am getting a 2019 Volt in January and my 2018 is for sale! I have a Caravana offer based on my VIN and mileage for $22362. If you are interested I could send you a copy of the email from them. I expect that my local dealer will match or beat that offer. I would like to sell the car to a Volt Forum member as we both could gain. I did this last January and it worked great for all parties. The car is the LT with the leather package. It has light gray leather seats and it looks stunning with the red tint coat paint. The tint coat and the leather interior were the only options on the car. The MSRP was $35850. It has never been wrecked or smoked in. The lifetime mpg is in the 140s range. It was above 250 until we drove it to Florida last month. The car is perfect in every way. It will have pretty close to 10k miles on it Jan 2, 2019. To make the deal worthwhile I will need to get $24500 for the car. The dealer I work with will handle the the paperwork for us. You will pay $24500 and he can even take your trade and arrange financing if needed. He will charge you a $649 doc fee for handling the deal. I have to run it through the dealer to avoid paying sales tax on the entire purchase price of my 2019. So if I sold it to anyone out right, I would have no trade in to reduce my sales tax. Bottom line is , if we don't use the dealer add $800 to the asking price. Therefore any buyer would be better off using my dealer. (Lee Chevrolet , Washington , NC) If needed, I could pick you up at our local airport (PGV) for anyone interested out of state.
I hope I have answered all questions in this rather long for sale post.
IF YOU CAN TAKE THE $7500 TAX CREDIT..Get a new one!
And finally I am selling because I can take tax the credit and my cost to get a new Volt will be in the 2k to 3k range. I have bought a new Volt every spring since 2013. This will be Volt VII for me.
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