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I had to take my glove box completely out to access the cabin air filter in my 2017. GM didn't move it, just made it unnecessarily difficult to get to.
This is what is happening at both GM & Ford etc. when you outsource everything with no vertical integration and passion for design. One can't even service it easy & why they will loose market share going forward.
It is what happens when a manufacture is run by accountants instead of engineers with a passion... Boeing 737Max is another fine example when they adopted the get rich quick schemes from McDonald Douglas. The on going joke at Boeing was even though they bought out MD they were the ones at the helm. We can all see how that worked out. I wonder when these large corporations will wake up? But the lure of stock options and fast money is why you have the cabin filter behind a glove box you have to take out. $ saved again - sigh.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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