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I'm curious to know if GM has perhaps opened the window on the battery a little on the 2018 like they did the past Volt models. The current 16-17 Volt seem to get about 14 KWH out of the battery with a full charge, our last trip with our 2016 Volt was 14.2 KWH used. It would be nice to see what the 2018 Volt gets out of a full charge. It would be a piece of cake for GM to open the battery to 14.5 KWH of usable electricity per full charge if they choose to....
There's probably no reason they can't play with this number. As they get more experience with it they just have to balance how much battery to let people use, while still being able to warrant the thing for 8 years.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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