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I'm curious to know if GM has perhaps opened the window on the battery a little on the 2018 like they did the past Volt models. The current 16-17 Volt seem to get about 14 KWH out of the battery with a full charge, our last trip with our 2016 Volt was 14.2 KWH used. It would be nice to see what the 2018 Volt gets out of a full charge. It would be a piece of cake for GM to open the battery to 14.5 KWH of usable electricity per full charge if they choose to....
I've run my 2016 right up to 14.3-14.4 kWh on a number of occasions. Others have reported the same. Have not heard of anyone getting 14.5 in a Gen 2 yet. About 3 more kWh would help a lot on a couple of "stretch" trips I make somewhat regularly. In both cases I need to add charge at the destination to make the round trip without gas.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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