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2018 Continental TruContact Tour w/Eco Plus

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I've been following the running review of the older version of the Conti TC tires and as had been posted, Conti updated the tires Summer 2018. You can tell if you are getting the new ones by the word "tour" at the end.

I just had a set of 4 put on last night.

3/4 of my OEM Goodyear Assurance tires still had really good tread left. One had the dreaded edge wear. Over my 50k miles, I've had to replace some of them one at a time, so when comparing the Conti's to the GY's, most of the tires were in very serviceable condition.

So, the Conti's are wonderful. Quiet, smooth, and really nice grip. MUCH better on my off-ramps that I drive every day. I have them inflated to 40 cold (via internal sensors) and they worked themselves up to 41/42 on my 20 mile ride in 77 deg's.

Way too early to tell about the mileage, but apparently they are a slight improvement over the older TC's.

I HATED the GY's in the wet and snow/slush. They were awful and I never felt secure. We are supposed to get some rain this week so I'll let you know.

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I just had a set of the Continental Pure Contact LS tires put on on Friday. Wow, what a difference. The difference in grip is amazing. Compared to the OEM tires, the Conti's give the Volt a much sportier feel. Not to mention better braking. We had 23k on the OEM tires and the tread was down to 3/32 so it was time for them to go before the rainy season here.

So far haven't seen any degradation in range.

We got the set from Discount/American Tires/ for $768 including road hazard warranty, new TPMS sensors, and lifetime rotations and flat repairs.
We only got 23k out of the OEM tires so 36k would be quite an improvement.
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