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2018 Bolt EV US order guide is now available.

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2018 Bolt EV US order guide is now available. Not many changes except for a new option for an automatic heated steering wheel (I would imagine it would work the same as the auto heated seats). And in the US Onstar's full package is free for 4 years.

Click the link below. Select Print Model and then select print and it will generate a PDF of the order guide.
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I prefer the lack of an aggressive battery thermal management system in a Leaf. Who needs a long lasting battery when I can save some money instead? And then there is the way Nissan handled resulting battery denying it. That's the kind of company I want to buy a car from. :)
Steverino, you go after Nissan like Bro goes after Tesla! ;)
lol, yes, based on how Nissan handled the battery degradation issue and based on their less than robust battery cooling. More robust than not very robust is an improvement of some degree, sure. I had a Nissan when they were called Datsun. To me, it doesn't look like they have changed much over the years. I also avoid Dodge/Chrysler due to reliability issues with several company cars I drove.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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