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2018 Bolt EV US order guide is now available.

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2018 Bolt EV US order guide is now available. Not many changes except for a new option for an automatic heated steering wheel (I would imagine it would work the same as the auto heated seats). And in the US Onstar's full package is free for 4 years.

Click the link below. Select Print Model and then select print and it will generate a PDF of the order guide.
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Well, we HAVE been waiting for a BEV pickup, and it looks like Chevy is releasing a Chevy Truck Bolt EV late this year! LOL!
Seriously, though, given the fact that it is a very compact Chevy, and given the rep that Chevy compacts have, the only way they are going to sell many Bolts is to promote it more and reduce the MSRP to get people onto the lot to look at it and drive it. I don't see GM reducing the price nor do I see them promoting it effectively. The Bolt looks like a clown car in some ways, and it isn't going to sell in large numbers. Too bad, it is a solid, roomy car that deserves better. If you look at a Bolt and a Buick Encore from the side the silhouettes aren't completely dissimilar. GM could have made the Bolt look better with a few design cue changes.

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