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Hello GM VOLT forums,
I've got a 2018 Volt LT and I've noticed the different power consumptions of the A/C compressor with/without the traction battery cooling system on. For EV mode at a complete stop:
With no A/C, no battery cooling it shows 0.5kW; with A/C on, no battery cooling, 2-4kW;
with A/C on, with battery cooling, 5-7kW.

The kWs can range depending on eco or max mode and whether the auto climate control has reached the desired temp. So does this mean the software tells the A/C compressor to run at different speeds to meet demands? Also, sometimes it would be nice max AC actually used the full 5-7kw for the cabin cooling in this heat. It can take awhile to cool the cabin after sitting in the sun, and there's only so many clothing items I can take off legally.

There could be another confounding variable. I guess the coolant has to be pumped through the evaporator coil to cool the traction battery, and thus uses energy.

Just looking for more understanding on this system. Any insights are appreciated, thanks.
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