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2017 WeatherTech Front Product – Finally On the Street

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No scoop here, just sharing my purchase experience. After receiving an alerting email, I ordered last week and took delivery today. The total package price was $238 (110/front + 18/shipping + 110/cargo liner) on a modest promo having the latter ship free. I ordered the grey in front to provide a little contrast.

They’re pricey, but I had a set in my last vehicle and was very pleased with them. Ever since taking delivery on the new wheels I would check periodically, but WT never showed much enthusiasm to tool it (low volume; a marketing decision I suspect). Two months ago I sent an email asking them to be forthright about their future intention and threatened to go with the competition (Husky). I think that shook the old timber in Bolingbrook, Illinois! Anyway, my brand new protective liners look good and fit nicely. Add to that -- its springtime and I am still lovin’ the Volt experience.....
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Does anyone know if the rear mats are interchangeable between the Gen 1 and Gen 2. For example, I have the weathertech rear cargo mat. Will that fit the Gen 2 or are they different sizes now?
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