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2017 WeatherTech Front Product – Finally On the Street

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No scoop here, just sharing my purchase experience. After receiving an alerting email, I ordered last week and took delivery today. The total package price was $238 (110/front + 18/shipping + 110/cargo liner) on a modest promo having the latter ship free. I ordered the grey in front to provide a little contrast.

They’re pricey, but I had a set in my last vehicle and was very pleased with them. Ever since taking delivery on the new wheels I would check periodically, but WT never showed much enthusiasm to tool it (low volume; a marketing decision I suspect). Two months ago I sent an email asking them to be forthright about their future intention and threatened to go with the competition (Husky). I think that shook the old timber in Bolingbrook, Illinois! Anyway, my brand new protective liners look good and fit nicely. Add to that -- its springtime and I am still lovin’ the Volt experience.....
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While I have had WeatherTech in the last, I have asked for and received the GM All Weather HD rubber mats as part of the deal when buying a GM vehicle. Read for FREE and you know what they work and fit as good as the after market stuff. Yes there are some differences but to be honest I'm just not that hard on my vehicles so the coverage they offer works for me and the price is right.

I have the OEM All Weather mats in my 2017 Volt and like them a lot. And dealer threw them in for free. It's good to be frugal.
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