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2017 Volt Shifter - Creaking/popping

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Every time i grab my shifter it makes creaking and popping noises. The rest of the car is silent and solid, but the shift knob feeds cheep and feels like it isnt put together right.

Does anyone else have issues where the shifter makes noise evertyime you grab it? It sounds like the plastic is rubbing together or popping out.
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You have a bumper to bumper warranty, why bring it in and let the experts figure it out?
I already have an appointment setup for Thursday. Just wanted to temper my expectations based on feedback from others. It seemed odd to me given how quiet and solid the rest of the car feels. The shifter knob (plastic jewel on top i suspect) just rubs/creaks making it feel cheap every time i grab it.
Well technician acts like I'm crazy and doesn't think they can fix it or even cure the problem replacing it. To me it sounds like the plastic jewel on top moving/rubbing/creaking. Sounds like it needs some felt or something under it. Has that plastic on plastic sound.

Sad to think a 40k car which is solid everywhere else would have such a cheap feel in this aspect.
Their final conclusion was that it was stiff trim and it should go away within a month or so - we shall see.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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